Downloading AudioKit Source Code from Github

The full source code for AudioKit for all supported operating systems, examples apps, and playgrounds are available in the following compressed formats:

As of version 3.6 AudioKit Playgrounds are a separate download:

The AudioKit-*.zip archives contain universal precompiled frameworks for each platform, ready to drag and drop in your own projects. They also include examples project that should compile and run without any changes within the current version of Xcode.

Choose your operating system:

Cloning the GitHub Repository

Installing from command line (defaults to "master" branch):

$ git clone

Next, to create the framework files that the examples use:

$ cd AudioKit/Frameworks
$ ./

This will build the frameworks for all three operating systems. You can delete the ones you don't need.

Please note that you can not upgrade to AudioKit 3 from previous versions, you need to reclone the repository.

Installation Instructions

Since version 3.0, AudioKit is distributed as a universal dynamic framework with no further dependencies on all supported platforms. This makes it easy to integrate within your own projects. The installation instructions below cover both installing the compiled framework or compiling the framework from source:

Installing using Package Mangers: Carthage, CocoaPods

You can easily add the framework to your project by using Carthage. Just use the following in your Cartfile:

github "audiokit/AudioKit"

You can also use CocoaPods to install AudioKit. In your project, update your Podfile:

pod 'AudioKit', '~> 3.5'

Then execute:

$ pod install

AudioKit's Example "Analog Synth X" on the App Store

Maybe the quickest way to try out some AudioKit code is to grab our example app on the App Store.

Installing Xcode Documentation

Code completion, pop-ups, and sidebar information are automatically created in Xcode, but if you would like Apple-style API reference documentation, download the docset.

Un-tar it and place it in the Shared Documentation folder:

tar -xf ~/Downloads/AudioKit.tgz -C /Applications/