Welcome to AudioKit 3

Powerful audio synthesis, processing, and analysis, without the steep learning curve.

Build Apps Fast

Our example app went from zero to app store in less than two weeks.

Analog Synth X


Not only speed up development time but also get inspired by hearing your creations in real-time.


Sonify Games

Use AudioKit to create custom synthesized and processed sounds harmonized with the game music.

Harmonization / Unity

Process Live Audio

Analyze the microphone input to customize your app.

AudioKit Praticles

Build audio into your iOS, tvOS, and OSX apps today!

We are here to help you get started through forum support, direct email, or even screensharing. Download AudioKit

Live-Code Prototyping

AudioKit 3 uses native Xcode Swift Playgrounds to allow you to develop instruments in real-time with immediate audio feedback.


Awesome High-Level Utilities

Built-in functionality for plotting waveforms, amplitudes and spectra, pre-made ready-to-use instruments, including players, samplers, and synths.

Synths and FX

Synthesizers and FX

Create sounds with many synthesizers, physical models, and sample playback operations, and then process those sounds with effects, filters, delays, reverbs, and more.


Killer Examples and Tutorials

Included examples range from Hello World to a fully developed virtual analog synth. 100+ Playgrounds serve as the new interactive tutorials.


Powerful Sequencing

AudioKit now features a full MIDI Sequencer with EXS24 and SoundFont samplers which can be tied to your instruments for awesome, accurate playback.

Clear Code

Swift, Swift, Swift!

While audio processing is done in lightning fast C and C++, the Swift code you will write is beautiful, expressive, and sexy, like Swift!