AudioKit is built by audio designers, programmers, and musicians dedicated to the goal of making AudioKit the easiest possible audio platform to adopt.

If you run into any problems, go to GitHub and open a ticket. If you have any other questions about AudioKit, consulting, training, or sound design, send an email to

Top Contributors

Standing on the shoulders of giants...

Of course, AudioKit sits on top of a mountain of code by other people, including Apple's Core Audio team, but in particular we want to acknowledge that many of the audio processing algorithms were origingally authored by the following people.

  • Fons Adriaensen
  • Stefan Bilbao
  • Francois Blanc
  • Josep Comajuncosas
  • Perry Cook
  • Sean Costello
  • John ffitch
  • Matt Gerassimoff
  • Tito Latini
  • Victor Lazzarini
  • Gabriel Maldonado
  • Hans Mikelson
  • Peter Neubacker
  • Paris Smaradgis
  • Istvan Varga
  • Barry Vercoe
  • Robbin Whittle
  • Steven Yi