Works in Progress

This page is a bit out of date as it has been mostly replaced by Github Projects.

AudioKit is under continuous development. While we attempt to keep the master branch stable, our development work is done in the public eye, on the develop branch and other goal-specific branches.

As of this writing, there is a lot to do, so we're publishing all these goals so that a) people know what we're working on, and b) people can volunteer to help.

AudioKit MIDI revamp

While AudioKit's MIDI is good, we would like to make it even easier to use, especially when it comes to sequencing. We also want to create more MIDI file manipulation and saving capabilities.

More sound generators, especially physical models

We have the ability to use models within Stanford's Synthesis Toolkit library, but in order to make them easy to use, and have examples and playgrounds, this is a very large amount of work. We're also looking into integrating Faust as a library.

Web site and documentation updates

While we have a pretty good auto-generated documentation in the /docs/ portion of the web site, we also need to add more explanatory documentation in the form of web page discussions. This process has already begun, but it is an enormous undertaking in and of itself, so its worth mentioning here.

And more...

And really every day something comes up. :) We're certainly happy to have users but we also need more core team members to help share the load. We can't forget that we have day jobs, clients, family obligations, and need to stay healthy as well!

So, if you have any interest in chipping in, we're opening up our Slack group to all interested, capable parties. Please join us! Thanks in advance.