AudioKit In The Press

We have been fortunate to have AudioKit projects covered by quite a few news sources and bloggers. Here is the collection so far!


  • DiscChord - Nodality for AudioKit
  • McDonald's McTrax

  • AdWeek - McDonald's Turns Placemats Into Little Music Production Stations Connected to Your Phone
  • Ask.Audio - This Fast Food Paper Placemat Is A Music Production Workstation
  • Campaign - McDonald's "McTrax" by TBWA\NEBOKO
  • Daily Mail - Big mix and fries! McDonald’s launches electronic food trays that let you DJ music from your iPhone and record your own tunes while you eat
  • DJ Mag - McDonald’s Reveals Music Making Placemat
  • Engadget - Embrace Your Inner DJ with McDonald's McTrax Placemat
  • Fast Company - McDonald’s Netherlands gets hip with “McTrax” interactive DJ placemats
  • Fortune - McDonald’s Netherlands gets hip with “McTrax” interactive DJ placemats
  • - McDonald’s McTrax is a paper tray that doubles as a full music station
  • International Business Times - McDonald's McTrax placemats complete your happy meal by letting you DJ
  • Nasdaq - McTrax: McDonald’s Paper Placemats Play Music
  • SwiftSchool - Swift School Instructor’s code used in new McDonald’s app!
  • The Verge - McDonald's made a placemat that works as a DJ controller
  • This Page Amsterdam - Collection of links
  • Vice - McDonald's Introduce Interactive Placemat Recording Studio, McTrax
  • Analog Synth X

  • DiscChord - Analog Synth X
  • MatrixSynth - Analog Synth X Released
  • Synthtopia - Free iPad Software Synthesizer, Analog Synth X, Built With AudioKit
  • AudioKit Launch

    Most of the information on these stories is woefully out of date, but it was nice of them to highlight the initial launch of AudioKit.

  • Create Digital Music - Free AudioKit Lets iOS, Mac Developers Code Synths and Sound
  • Synthtopia - An Open-Source Platform For Audio Synthesis, Processing, And Analysis