Synthesis Playgrounds

Synthesis Playgrounds

AudioKit comes with many playgrounds, each of which serves to teach some core concept, demonstrate a particular generator or synthesizer, or just show off some wacky sounds that we've discovered. Because there are so many playgrounds that are inter-related in different ways, the order of the playgrounds in Xcode is more or less alphabetical, however this index page lists all the the playgrounds grouped by category. Playgrounds that fit into multiple categories are listed in each relevant category.

Designing Sound

These playgrounds are inspired by the "Practicals" section of the book "Designing Sound", by Andy Farnell. While this book is excellent, the examples are implemented in Pd, which is okay, I guess, but hey, this is AudioKit!

Hopefully we'll add more practicals over time. If you're interested in making more, submit a pull-request to the git repository and we'll be sure to include them.

Generator Nodes


Oscillators are the bread and butter of audio synthesis and there's no shortage of them in AudioKit.

Microtonal Functionality:

Oscillators are the basis of many synths which also usually have envelopes:

There are also oscillator banks which are a collection of oscillators that allow you to play several notes at once (polyphony).

Noise Generators

There are two noise "colors" to start off with, pink and white, but we aim to have a much larger spectrum soon.

Physical Models

These playgrounds highlight sound synthesis in which the intent is to to model a real-life sound, instrument, or object.


Many of the types of things you can do in nodes are also possible with operations, but with great flexibility in how the parameters are changed over time.


Sporth is a simple but super-powerful stack-based audio processing language that you can run directly in AudioKit. This playground contains several examples of sound synthesis with Sporth.