Effects Playgrounds

Effects Processing Playgrounds

"Analog Synth X" Example Project

AudioKit is shipped with an awesome synth example project and the following playgrounds are where we developed and tested out the effects for that synth.



Delay is a lot more powerful than simply repeating an earlier sound. By varying parameters, you can get startlingly beautiful effects.


Distortion is a category for nodes that do more than just filter a sound, and basically change something essential to the sound, usually making for a harsher sound, but that's a matter of taste.

Dynamics Processing

Dynamics processing is usually done at the mixing stage and involves changing the signal's output levels.


  • Filter playground pages were moved to a dedicated playground

Pitch Shifting


These are the more traditional reverb efffects.

Convolution is included here because it often used for reverb effects, but it can do a lot more.

Then there are "reverbs" that are more commonly used as components, not as a stand-alone effect.



Many of the types of things you can do in nodes are also possible with operations, but with great flexibility in how the parameters are changed over time.


Sporth is a simple but super-powerful stack-based audio processing language that you can run directly in AudioKit.