Playgrounds will rock your world

Playgrounds are a means to develop audio applications with immediate aural and visual feedback about what you are creating. Gone are the days of program-compile-listen-and-reprogram. Not only can you develop quickly, but you can stumble upon amazing sounds along the way. Truly, you're learning to play an instrument, and that instrument is AudioKit code. As you can tell, we're super excited about how this will help developers create amazing things.

Playground Sections

AudioKit Playground Book for iPad Playgrounds

This is now the easiest way to try out AudioKit playgrounds. Just put "AudioKit.playgroundbook" in your Playgrounds folder on iCloud Drive, or use AirDrop to transfer it onto your iPad, which will prompt you to open the playground book in the Playgrounds app.

There are some limitations. It requires iOS10. It is not a complete copy of AudioKit's functionality and only contains a fraction of the playgrounds available from within Xcode...

But, its a great start and good introduction to what kind of things are possible with AudioKit! Click here for the repo.


NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED. Simply load the Xcode project, press play or Product/Build, or hit command-B and you should be good to go. Check out the video below: