Splitting Nodes

All nodes in AudioKit can have multiple destinations, the only caveat is that all of the destinations do have to eventually be mixed back together and none of the parallel signal paths can have any time stretching.

import AudioKitPlaygrounds
import AudioKit

Prepare the source audio player

let file = try AKAudioFile(readFileName: "drumloop.wav")

let player = try AKAudioPlayer(file: file)
player.looping = true

The following nodes are both acting on the original player node

var ringMod = AKRingModulator(player)

var delay = AKDelay(player)
delay.time = 0.01 = 0.8
delay.dryWetMix = 1

Any number of inputs can be equally summed into one output, including the original player, allowing us to create dry/wet mixes even for effects that don't have that property by default

let mixer = AKMixer(player, delay)

AudioKit.output = mixer

import PlaygroundSupport
PlaygroundPage.current.needsIndefiniteExecution = true