Hearing / Ear Age Test By Yuichi Sakashita released on App Store

'Tis the season to be shipping AudioKit-powered Apps!


Merry Xmas everyone!

HOWL A formant synthesizer by Daniel Clelland released on App Store

Daniel Clelland just released his really beautiful new AudioKit app "HOWL: A Formant Synthesizer". Daniel describes it as follows:

HOWL is a simple vocoder/synthesizer for iOS. It uses formants to simulate the human voice and a pitch-space keyboard to help you find interesting melodies. But mostly it just makes synthetic grunting noises.

All we can add is that is has a wonderful UI and cool sounds!

Daniel is kind enough to provide his work not only as an app on the app store, but also as an open-source project on Github, plus he even has a nice web page for it:

Happy Holidays from AudioKit

Just wanted to wish everyone a great Holiday break and Simon Gladman's Christmas Tree Bowling App Using AudioKit's physical model of sleighbells is as good of an excuse as any!

Joachim Sendelbach's "Guitar Book" app available in App store

Guitar Book

Joachim Sendelbach has just released his AudioKit-power app "Guitar Book" to the App Store! Here's how he describes the app:

Learn guitar on your real instrument using your device's microphone!

Guitar Book is the ultimative new method for learning guitar! Learn songs with real music notation. The order of the pieces is especially arranged for beginners, so you will progress from one tune to another without any trouble. You will be coached by the automatic training program. You play the songs on your real instrument, Guitar Book will analyze how you play and show you the result. You can see your performance of each line in the piece and how many notes you missed.

Automatic Coach leads you to success with only a few exercises. First you try the notes without rhythm detection, afterwards you practice with metronome and finally you play the song with a complete playback. Training mode waits for you, concert mode runs with playback and plays the song continuously. Tap on a position in the song sheet and Guitar Book will start from that bar. Press long on a bar to repeat a whole line. Activate fretboard screen in the navigation bar if you don't know a note in the piece. Of course there are also video tutorials included which help you to learn new techniques.

Congratulations Joachim!

Simon Gladman's Apple Pencil Synth