Matthew Fecher's Swift Radio App Open Sourced!

Matthew Fecher just open-sourced his very cool and very well executed Radio app written entirely in Swift. This app doesn't use AudioKit per se, but Matthew is a contributor to AudioKit and this code deserves some publicity!

AudioKit Chapter in New Csound Inside Book

The 3rd International Csound Conference was this weekend and Richard Boulanger announed that a new Csound Book is in the works called "Csound Applied / Csound Inside" and that there will be a chapter dedicated to AudioKit in it. Pretty awesome to have a book chapter written about our little audio toolkit. We would like to encourage Richard to take a second look at the proposed table of contents however. Instead of teaching the reader about basic programming concepts like the MVC pattern and how to translate Csound to AudioKit, we suggest a tutorial that follows preferred AudioKit best-practices. We're really looking forward to Rory Walsh's and Paul Batchelor's chapters though. Those at least, look excellent.

Nick Arner's Arudio+AudioKit Demo

Nick just released this project demonstrating how an OSX oscillator app created with AudioKit can be controlled by an Arduino via serial communication.

Nice work Nick!

Announcing Version 2.2!

Version 2.2 is a very substantial improvement to AudioKit, four months in the making!

Sensible Presets

Now in addition to sensible defaults, most AudioKit operations also have a set of parameter presets to give you a few options as starting points.

Test Suite expanded greatly

With 2.1 we started with Travis Continuous Integration testing but at that point there were only 27 test cases, and now there are 170 different things tested in AudioKit. We've also put the AudioKit Examples repository under TravisCI so the 28 example projects are built and tested on each commited change.

Sound Fonts Support

AudioKit 2.2 has support for SoundFont files including both instruments and presets. This is a great way of using AudioKit to get the best of both worlds with high quality traditional-sounding instrument samples and mind-blowing new effect combinations. AudioKit even comes bundled with a high-quality General MIDI sound font.

Improved MIDI Support

AudioKit has support for building MIDI instruments that "just work" using MIDI instead of having to build your own MIDI handling, note creation, and note stopping events.

New Playgrounds

There are now 35 different playground files to play with to get up and running quickly with an interactive instrument or effect processor.

New operations and instruments

There are a few new filters such as AKAntiresonantFilter and AKClipper as well as new instruments for delay and pitch shifting pedals.

...and more

This update incorporates many random updates that happened over the last few months including and improved installation process and various bug fixes. More things are being developed all the time, but we're proud of what Version 2.2 has to offer and we thank everyone for their contribution and support.

AudioKit-Powered final projects at UCI COSMOS

From Professor Martin Jaroszewicz at UCI: COSMOS:

COSMOS is over and groups worked in very ambitious projects using SceneKit, SpriteKit and physics. Most groups used Audiokit and particularly the Bubble Beats group used several filters and one of the instruments to model the sounds of popping bubble wrap. Other groups modeled in Chuck and then used Audiokit to playback the files at different rates.

Here is a link to the description of their projects.