McDonald's McTrax - Play the Placemat

The McDonald’s placemat: just a paper placemat that turns into a full music production station! McTrax. By the use of conductive ink on a piece of paper you can connect your smartphone to our placemat via Bluetooth.

Powered by AudioKit, utilizing AudioKit's record, sequencing, and effect processing capabilities, Koert Gaaikema and his team mates were able to create this wonderfully innovative audio application. Congrats everyone!

AudioKit V3.1 Released

This release is all about Xcode 7.3 and interactive playgrounds!

  • Updated for Xcode 7.3 / Swift 2.2 (and 3 where possible)
  • Interactive Playgrounds on iOS
  • Playgrounds for OSX now include AudioKit nodes
  • Parameter ramp time implemented over most nodes
  • Many Sequencer improvements
  • New class "AKRecorder" for easy recording

AudioKit Develop Branch Updated for Xcode 7.3

With Xcode 7.3, AudioKit playgrounds are a lot more powerful and fun with interactive timeline features. Since Xcode 7.3 was just released today, we're spending a few days making some updates and preparing a release, but if you want the new playgrounds now, just use the "develop" branch from Github! Stay tuned for the full release to the master later this week.

Clay music app available in App store

Clay on iTunes

Laurent Gaidon released "Clay", an AudioKit-powered music app!

Check out the amazing web site he built for the app at

With simple gestures, play music in the air. Clay is a hand-controlled music player - launch the app, choose songs you love and conduct with your hands free.

Be a DJ or a conductor, adapt your environment to the type of music you listen to and discover the sensations of touchless playing and mixing.

Clay turns your iOS device into a motion sensor. Modulate and mix your favorite songs without touching your iPhone. Create Claylists and shape sounds in the air.

Every move triggers a sound variation (reverb, freeze, volume, etc.) and graphic effects (smoke, ice, fire, explosion, etc.).

For optimal use, avoid variations of lights and shadows on the camera. If the iOS device moves during a game phase, re-calibrate by double-clicking on the screen.

Fast and Fun Audio in Swift - Swift Language User Group

Aure's talk at the Swift Language User's Group is now online at Realm!