Ops, built with AudioKit

Ops is a modular synthesiser designed to make it easy to create and explore sound interactively with a touch screen. Ops does away with patch cords, instead using a system of connected blocks with a clear signal flow.

The blocks, called ops, are joined together into structures by dragging and dropping them on screen. Structures can easily be copied and varied to build-up rich, interesting results.

There are ops to perform a wide range of functions, including interaction, signal generation, effects processing, control, audio input, MIDI input, and pitch and rhythm manipulation.

Website: http://jonathanmackenzie.net/ops/
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ops/id1140110361

Pitch app available in App store


Daniel Kuntz released an AudioKit-powered tuner app!

Pitch is a sleek, minimalist intrument tuner for iPhone. "Made by a student musician FOR student musicians!"

Congrats on the app, Daniel!

NAMM 2017

AudioKit at NAMM

NAMM 2017 is over and once again it was a whirlwind! This year we had 5 core team members, Stephane, Aure, Paul, Adam, and Jeff (in order from left to right). It was great to collaborate in person for a change!

We have a lot of great apps coming out this year, so hopefully next year's NAMM we'll be demoing our apps instead of hacking on them!

Fretuoso 6, featuring AudioKit

Catloaf Software are proud to announce the availability of a major new version of their Fretuoso™ apps.

Fretuoso 6.0 mostly features some significant internal changes compared to previous versions of the app. The most visible are the improved support for iOS 10, and the move to AudioKit as its new audio engine. AudioKit provides Fretuoso with a more solid audio foundation which will pave the way for some exciting new features in the near future.

As a side note, both the Catloaf Software and AudioKit teams will be roaming the floors of NAMM over the next few days. Please say hi if you run into any of us!

Zero to Z - AudioKit game for iOS

Created by Vlad Semkin, ZERO to Z is an abstract minimalist meditation game where you grow connections to make progress. Designed as peaceful & constructive, game mechanics are novel & inspired by algorithms found in nature (namely DLA), putting a spin on the casual puzzle/arcade genre.

Vlad got his intro to coding using Processing and learnt both about diffusion-limited aggregation and similar algorithms as well as physics simulation through Daniel Shiffman’s “Nature of Code”. The game uses natural growth phenomena as a game mechanic, invited the player to reach end points by accumulating/growing genes. To reach the end point, you are required the balance stress put on the stem as well as environmental phenomena affecting the growing stems. The first few levels seem easy but after level 12 or so, things can quite difficult since you need to find ways to build your stem while at the same time avoiding the points on the screen that cause them to die.

The game is available on the Apple AppStore for 0.99$. Created using AudioKit! No in-app purchase and no notifications.