AudioKit Talk at 360iDev Conference

AudioKit core team members Matt Fecher and Aurelius Prochazka will be giving a workshop at this year's 360iDev Conference in Denver, CO on August 13, 2017.

The workshop will be called "Build Your Own Custom Musical Instrument" but will be relevant to anyone working with audio.

Being able to add audio to your app is essential for creating a truly immersive multimedia experience. Even if you’re not interested in making music apps per se, audio is very important in games, alerts, and action feedback. At this workshop you can learn how easy it can be to create and manipulate audio using Swift.

We’ll start by using playgrounds to quickly design, prototype, and experiment with sound. We will not only generate new synthesized sounds, but also use effect processors to manipulate that sound with effects like reverb and delay. Then we’ll take the code from the playgrounds into an iOS project. It will have a multitouch keyboard, knobs, sliders, and other customizable UI components. Finally, we’ll make sure our app works well in Apple’s audio ecosystem by making our app play well with other audio apps such as AudioBus and Garageband using InterApp Audio.

During the second half of the day, the speaker and other audio developers will be on hand to help you with your own audio app. Or, you can form groups and collaborate with each other.

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Big Bug, a new game built with AudioKit

Big Bug

Big Bug is a new game built with AudioKit. Its very fun and has a nice sound track (obviously!). It's free, check it out!

Congratulations Barnaby!


AudioKit 3.6 - Super fast and easy to install playgrounds

Accordo, built with AudioKit


Accordo, powered by AudioKit, is a retro inspired chord machine in the vein of the Suzuki Omnichord. Select the root note from the keyboard and choose from 8 different chords, then use the strum strip to play the chord just like an autoharp. Includes a built in rhythm machine and adjustable effects like wah and reverb.

Congratulations Charlie!


Loop Maker, built with AudioKit

Loop Maker

The new loop maker is an ultra low latency audio drum machine that's powerful to create the best drum loops for any music need. Loop maker includes Audiobus so you can connect the loop maker app with other great music apps.

It includes five amazing sample packs:

  • EDM Sample pack
  • Hip hop Sample pack
  • Reggaeton Sample pack
  • Dubstep Sample pack
  • R&B Sample pack

It's really a great app, congratulations Miguel!