Zero to Z - AudioKit game for iOS

Created by Vlad Semkin, ZERO to Z is an abstract minimalist meditation game where you grow connections to make progress. Designed as peaceful & constructive, game mechanics are novel & inspired by algorithms found in nature (namely DLA), putting a spin on the casual puzzle/arcade genre.

Vlad got his intro to coding using Processing and learnt both about diffusion-limited aggregation and similar algorithms as well as physics simulation through Daniel Shiffman’s “Nature of Code”. The game uses natural growth phenomena as a game mechanic, invited the player to reach end points by accumulating/growing genes. To reach the end point, you are required the balance stress put on the stem as well as environmental phenomena affecting the growing stems. The first few levels seem easy but after level 12 or so, things can quite difficult since you need to find ways to build your stem while at the same time avoiding the points on the screen that cause them to die.

The game is available on the Apple AppStore for 0.99$. Created using AudioKit! No in-app purchase and no notifications.

Ray Wenderlich AudioKit Tutorial Released

AudioKit 3.5 & The Amazing Audio Engine

AudioKit Version 3.5 is out and it's mostly a general clean up and improvement, with the major feature of full Audiobus capabalities including presets. We also have very complete documentation and walkthroughs of creating Audiobus enabled applications with AudioKit.

We wanted to have a round-number release to coincide with Michael Tyson's recent decision to retire "The Amazing Audio Engine" and forward his potential new users to AudioKit.

I've personally admired Michael Tyson for a long time, not only for his work on the audio engine, but also Loopy and Audiobus. Audiobus is the single most important application I have on my iPad. Everyone should get it. It's way better than Inter-App Audio alone, and it's under active development and just getting better and better.

So, if you're new to AudioKit and coming from The Amazing Audio Engine, please let me welcome you. Come join our forum, and if you're an active developer with chops, let us know and we'll consider you for the smaller AudioKit slack group.

AudioKit Playground Book for iPad Playgrounds

This is now the easiest way to try out AudioKit playgrounds. Just put "AudioKit.playgroundbook" in your Playgrounds folder on iCloud Drive, or use AirDrop to transfer it onto your iPad, which will prompt you to open the playground book in the Playgrounds app.

There are some limitations. It requires iOS10. It is not a complete copy of AudioKit's functionality and only contains a fraction of the playgrounds available from within Xcode...

But, its a great start and good introduction to what kind of things are possible with AudioKit! Click here for the repo.

AudioKit V3.4.3

At the start of AudioKit 3.4 I announced that we'd be publicly sharing our goals and projects and AudioKit 3.4.3 is our initial version of Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support.

Thanks to great help from Daniel Clelland and Audiobus's own Michael Tyson (or The Amazing Michael Tyson as I like to call him), it was pretty easy to get Audiobus working!

We also have written a two example apps that use Audiobus and a tutorial on how these apps were built which can serve as a template for your own Audiobus / Inter-App Audio apps.

This release also includes changes for Swift 3.0.1 and Xcode 8.1.