AudioKit at Apple Watch Hackathon

Come join us in San Francisco on June 13 2015, for the Apple Watch Hackathon! Here are some more details:

We won't have a team or app idea until we arrive, so come in and pitch some cool audio apps that we can power with AudioKit!

AudioKit Swift Examples


Special thanks to Matt Fecher (@goFecher) for taking the initiative to port all of the AudioKit Examples that weren't already in Swift to Swift. In particular he created the following projects:

Matt, you rock!

NSMeetup in San Francisco, June 10 - Rapid Audio Development with AudioKit

Aure will be presenting AudioKit on June 10th at 7PM at Amazon Web Services in San Francisco. There will be a demo of starting a project and developing sounds with playgrounds. And if there is time,

Hope to see you there!

Event signup and info:

Keunwoo Choi's "VR TOEIC:  Magical way to prepare for the TOEIC"


I just learned that Keunwoo Choi has just released his AudioKit-power app "VR TOEIC" to the App Store! Keunwoo Choi uses AudioKit in this app to process the audio lessons for the "Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC)". I've tried his app and it is remarkable how much more realistic the normally bland, mono audio feels and you get an amazingly convincing sensation that the speaker is "right there to my left" or "slighly behind me to the right" depending on the settings you chooose. He is using AKConvolution and heard-related impulse response files to create a really great sound.

Congratulations Keunwoo!

Simon Gladman's "WheelTone:  Music from Friction Gears in Swift & AudioKit"