Joachim Sendelbach's "Guitar Score Trainer" app available in App store

Guitar Score Trainer

Joachim Sendelbach has just released his AudioKit-power app "Guitar Score Trainer" to the App Store!

Many guitar players still think that reading guitar scores is particularly difficult. The "Guitar Score Trainer" will prove them wrong. The virtual fret board makes it very easy to learn the actual position of the note in the score. Seven well-structured levels will teach you all the notes in the first position.

There are three disciplines:

1. Name the notes
2. Learn the position on the fret board
3. Play the notes on your own guitar using device's microphone

Congratulations Joachim!

EZAudio 1.0 Released

One of the packages AudioKit relies on for its graphing capabilities is Haris Ali's EZAudio, which has just released its 1.0 Version! Haris is a friend of AudioKit and we love EZAudio, in fact it inspired us to open-source AudioKit last year. Now things have come full circle and AudioKit has helped to inspire Haris to make some fundamental improvements to EZAudio and release version 1.0. We've incorporated the graphing improvements from EZAudio to AudioKit's develop branch, and soon we'll be merging all of our recent changes into the next release of AudioKit.

AudioKit Day at UC Irvine

Aure at UCI

Aure just got back from a trip down south to give guest lectures and an afternoon workshop at UC Irvine's COSMOS program. It was for Cluster 5: Sound For Mobile Devices: Physical Modeling And Programming. He spent the morning discussing Human-Computer Interaction, live-coding AudioKit demos, and discussing what it's been like to run an open-source audio toolkit project. The students had a lot of great discussions with Aure, offering ingenious answers to Aure's challenges and asking all the right questions of Aure as well! It's a four week program and the students were starting their second week. Each team's goal is to have an audio app by the end of the program, so we're really looking forward to see what they produce.

Good luck everyone!

AudioKit crushes at the WatchKit Hackathon

Aure's two teams, "Pow!" and "AirDrum", won and got honorable mention at the 2015 Apple Watch Hackathon. Pair programming with Brian Jordan, Aure created both apps from the same code base, powered by AudioKit, and just took slightly different takes at the same problem. It was quite a challenge to learn WatchOS2, WCSession stuff, and make compelling apps in one afternoon!


Well Tempered App Released on the App Store


Niklas Saers (@niklassaers) just released his AudioKit-Powered App "Well Tempered" in the Apple App Store!

Well Tempered is a chromatic instrument tuner that uses your iPhone or iPads microphone, or an external microphone. It features 212 unique temperaments that you can customize to start with any of 12 notes, totalling 2544 unique tunings!

Congratulations Niklas!